Monday, May 2, 2016

Volleyball Pictures

Loading the bus early at Fauche to travel to Limbé. One gal missed it, jumped on a motorcycle and got on 1/2 way to Limbé. Look close and you can see 'woodstock' on the side by the door.
In Limbé they changed to a big bus that look like this...and two similar but smaller brought them back. Anna said they were very nice and had videos to watch. Air conditioning, light buttons-think airplane but the seats didn't recline.
 Image result for Xiamen King Long 9-10meters XMQ6900Y coach bus
Gal's  dorm-guys slept in a boxing gym.

Haiti's Olympic training site. Center of Hope sports complex

Gym where they played-4 courts inside.

Where girls and some of the leaders slept, like Cory. 

Anna's room

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