Monday, May 2, 2016

Volleyball food pictures..

Cory reported that the food was good but occasionally they waited to be fed...the last night it was past 11 p.m.

Anna reports that most of the food was spicy and she learned that not all Haitians [esp. children] like spicy food.

Anna missed her fruit.
Breakfast on Friday

Some of the tea tasted like garlic and cloves.

Cory wondered if it was meant to be medicinal as lots of the players experienced some mild stomach problems.

Supper first night-think cream of wheat.
Anna said that there were signs reminding folks ' only take as much as you can eat' but one of the guys told one of the ladies serving the meals that he had yet to have been served 'as much as he could eat!'
One of two or three pans...lots of hunger kids!

Some of the younger gals were given more than they can eat so they did share with the bigger guys, who received the same amount.

A couple of the meals was soup-Saturday night and Sunday breakfast.
Weak drink. Second lunch similar to dinner.

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