Thursday, May 26, 2016

End of school year...

Anna's anticipation continues to grow by leaps and bounds!
Guys cleaning up to help pay for their trip to Port.

Her mind [her description] is like having your music play list on scramble!

Since our children were small they prefer to sit by strangers on planes because of all the time spent with our family means we already know their stories so they enjoyed torturing sharing with their seat mates.

Already Anna asked a couple times if the three of us were seated together or not..knowing that my ticket was purchased later but Cory didn't look until a few days ago.
The reason he looked....friends of ours will be on our flight from Cap Haitian to FL. Anna's beyond excited to be able to visit with friends while waiting to board the plane and to sit by a friend on the plane is even better than a stranger!

Her school work now consists of a couple of corrections and a project that need to be finished. They are not enough to change her grades up, or thankfully even for mom to need to correct! She did very well. 

Sharing trees
Anna brings laughter to most chores and tasks, so I'm thankful for her help this week with cleaning, organizing, and today she even joined me in weeding some of the potted nursery plants/trees.

Port Margot Baptist church
She plans to learn some German in June during Eli's visit, read up on French grammar, and complete a class in SAT math. We will start our next school year likely in July..books already exchanged and next years sitting on her shelf.

Hot and steamy days...yesterday we enjoyed rain on and off which our area needed.

I finished laminating some medical illustrations this week from the book Where there is no Doctor, to help me with my educational chats down at clinic. Overall these continue to go well and people respond with gratitude.

Cory planted a starfruit and eggfruit, along with several chaya plants at one of the Port Margot Baptist Churches where we have helped with Kids Clubs. They were interested in planting more but part of the property isn't walled in yet and is used as pasture so that will have to wait.

 The literal translation of the church name is Baptist Church of Pentecost which doesn't sound like a likely name to Cory, who grew up Baptist.

Cory traveled to the bank today, dropped off some trees at the Cowman International school, and purchased propane, as we prepare to head to New York.

[The guys volleyball team came in 4th. Only six of the team were able to go and therefore had to play every minute of every game. Good experience anyway.]

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