Monday, May 16, 2016

Campus clean up.

 Even with my spending more time helping in the plant nursery and around the flower beds, and in our yard, we can't keep up.

Living in Fauche means tropical heat and most of the year enough rain to keep things growing, FAST.

You can weed one week, and the next see a tree [like palm or mango] growing in the yard.

I'm not kidding when I say that some of the plants we have can grown inches in a day...and not just our bamboo.

Some of the former rain-forest plants remain.

Add the surrounding campus property with one guy doing yard work for campus and a second who does the hospital area and it is no surprise that parts of campus look like the jungle is taking back the land.

Often people come to us with financial needs.

Real needs and with prayer and wisdom we try to prioritize, try to help without hurting, and without doing for people what they can do for themselves.

Hearing that the school teachers who work at the school on campus have not been payed in months is hard...and made it hard to hear that the oldest volleyball team [not for school, but club] of men need money to travel to Port-au-Prince for international tournament.

Then an inspired, win, win!

Campus clean up need: Trash pick up, rotten mango clean up, weeding, raking lots of leaves.

Hot, dirty work that takes some muscle + healthy, fit, young men who need money = a neater, prettier campus.

Less trash equals less locations for mosquito larva to develop, and a good example for the school children.

Providing some of the tools and water,  Cory and his guys help supervise [they know that they would be doing some of this work so are motivated to keep the younger guys working.

The team will have more money toward their travel.

Smaller kids on campus look up to the team therefore seeing them work, pick up trash is a great example.

By pulling the bigger weeds / trees that have grown for a while the campus will continue to look neater for weeks to come and for the summer conferences held on campus.

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