Thursday, April 28, 2016

Volleyball Adventure Started

Not today's...Cory has the camera!
The usual 5 a.m. morning church singing this morning faded to the background as four teams of excited volleyball players, leaders, and chaperones gathered to head out for the national championship games.

After receiving her team shirt, Anna came up to get her travel bag and I received one last hug. Her feelings are mixed but overall she's excited. She hopes the net is higher than the last games.

Also praying that there will be no controversy about Anna playing. Because her French teacher also teaches in the high school she's considered a student but last year some of the other teams protested.

We don't anticipate any problems as one of the national leaders watched Anna play in the qualifying games, even beating the team she coaches.

They loaded a blue and white bus with WOODSTOCK on the side to head to Limbé. Before starting their journey I heard them singing a hymn and I'm guessing someone prayed.

Cory followed in our truck with Mme. Jean Pierre, two children, lots of Konsey books, and a few trees/plants.

In Limbé, the busload will transfer to a second bus and head south to just outside Port-au-Prince. For many of theses students this is the only time they travel to Port.

They will be in one of the first groups of students to stay at the Sport of Hope Center, build after the earthquake to bring hope to Haiti, and serve as an Olympic training center.  article about opening

There will be five locations for games, three outside and 2 inside. The younger teams will play 3 games a match while the older guys will play 5 games. If they do well they will play a lot of volleyball the next three days.

The game start this afternoon and continue through Saturday. Depending when all four teams finish they plan to return on Saturday or early Sunday.

Cory will also be staying at the center as one of the chaperones.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safe travel with no delays or problems
  • Health and safety for all involved
  • Good sportsmanship and memories
  • That all do their best
  • No controversies 
  • That Anna's ankle does not give her any problems. New high tops bought yesterday at market, and Cory has her other pair with him.
Will update when I hear news. 

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