Thursday, April 21, 2016

A day off campus.

Wednesday we picked up Jean Pierre near the front gate and headed toward Cap Haitian at 7:30.

First stop the OMS seminary to deliver and talk plants.

A few years ago some of the OMS missionaries visited Fauche for a garden tour. Cory spent a few hours yesterday talking with Phil, looking at the campus plants and giving some advice.

Anna enjoyed spending time with a friend while I tagged along with the guys increasing my plant knowledge.

New homes found for mangos, egg fruit, peach palms, bananas, chaya, katuk, false roselle, lemon grass, star fruit, peanut butter fruit, miracle fruit and bamboo.

Shared some Konsey books too.

Jean Pierre had already continued on to town for his erends.

We drove through Cap Haitian to the hotel/restaurant. We enjoyed spending some time with a family here for their adoption socialization visit.

While they started the paperwork for their daughter just after we did, their official referral took almost a year longer than ours.

Anna and their children enjoyed the pool after lunch while we talked.

Praying for the remaining steps to occur much faster, for both our families.

Stopped a few times on the way home for a bit of shopping and made it back before dark.

Anna missed volleyball practice but found out the time for the next practice.

Only nine days remain before the trip to Port-au-Prince for the national finals.


Phil, Emily, Ethan and Haylie said...

Thank you SO much for the wonderful plants. Phil had a great time talking and learned so much. Haylie enjoyed her morning off from school to have some time with Anna. Sorry that I missed you all! Hope we can get together again soon :)

Missus Wookie said...

Glad you were able to share plants and knowledge.

I smiled to see a mango in my fruit/veggie box list for next week - made me think of you! :)