Thursday, March 3, 2016

Packing up..

Grafted cassava
Yes, right now in our house, suitcases and backpacks grow plump with clothes, shoes, medical books and stuff for our week of medical clinics.

We will once again be joining our friends from Holy Cross Lutheran church from Ohio to provide five days of medical clinics at four locations.

This week we continued to work on school and some major weeding around campus and the nursery.

Last weekend we received over ten inches of rain in our area, while we prayed it would move on to the drought stricken parts of Haiti.

Cholera cases increased as they generally do after heavy rains and I heard that one patient died this week at the clinic having waited too long to come for treatment.
Neater plant/tree nursery

Anna tried her hand, feet at some girl's soccer this week. Most of the girls were more interested in fun than a serious game, which was OK with Anna. After this practice she exercised some more with volleyball practice.

She gets the most out of practicing with the older "boys" [17-early 20's] and was excited to have blocked two spikes.

We look forward to connecting with the team, enjoying some great fellowship, food, and ministry.

These schools/church families have received the Konsey books so we hope to hear some good stories about how the information made a difference.

Will try to post now and then at night when at the hotel but internet can be hit or miss. Thank you for your prayers.

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Missus Wookie said...

Hope the visit goes well!