Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend & Anna's story.

Saturday started out normal for us with a bit of cleaning after breakfast, but then we hopped in the truck, already loaded with Kid's Konsey books and a propane tank and headed toward Cap Haitian.

Jean Pierre traveled with us for the morning.

Our second stop, following a short stop at the bank, was to drop Anna off at the OMS mission to hang out with some of her MK [missionary kid] friends.

We continued on to deliver Kid's Konsey books to three different church/school sites before dropping JP off and heading to a local restaurant to meet with members from the northern district of the Wesleyan Church of Haiti.

At the restaurant, we connected with some missionary friends who plan to come for a visit soon to get some more fruit trees for their compound.

We enjoyed a time of fellowship and hearing about their plans for the Fauche campus. A second meeting will be held at Fauche to discuss the plans further and how we can be involved.

Unbeknown to us or them, an additional meeting was arranged by the district following ours with our teammates, the Gilles, who live in Port-au-Prince. So we spent a few minutes catching up with them before leaving for home.

We chatted a bit with friends on the OMS campus when we picked Anna up, and shared a couple of copies of the Kid's Konsey books.

Once home we planned for a quiet supper and early bed time but......Anna will tell the rest of the story.

I walked into the bathroom, shut the door, and flicked on the light . 

Mother asked me something and as I turned I spotted a roach scuttle into the corner by the door. 

I alerted Mother, and opened the door enough for her to hand me her shoe, as I did not want to stomp on it with my barefoot. 

After shutting the door for a second time, I turned and took a swing. 

The roach started to head towards me, I jumped backward and whacked at him at the same time. 

As I jumped back, I hit the sink with my hip. As I strengthened up, I heard a crash and jumped onto the ledge of our shower before I even knew what had happened. 

There, lying on the floor in a thousand pieces, lay the sink..but I got the roach!

(I will add anchor screws to the new sink and our other sink to make them harder to lift off the support bracket! Cory)

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