Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cupuasu & prayer request for Anna

The smell and taste of cupuasu jelly reminds both Cory and I of our time in Brazil.

 Cory purchased seeds from  Puerto Rico in 2010.

The trees have not grown as fast as cacao and are slower to produce so that may be why they haven't been grown commercially outside of Brazil.
For the second time we've enjoyed the jelly from our own trees in Haiti!

This is a relative of chocolate and is grown the same way, usually partly shaded by taller trees.

Opening the fuzzy, hard, brown pod reveals the flesh covered seeds.

Cory cuts off the pulp with scissors. [Chocolate seeds do not have nearly as much pulp-therefore can not really cut it off].

Liquify in a blender with a little water, then boil with sugar. 

This one fruit made nearly two quarts of tasty jelly. A slightly tart, "cool" aromatic flavor.

Anna returned from volleyball practice early today after twisting her right ankle.

After a shower and mom walking to clinic for some Ibuprofen, she is situated on the couch with her ankle wrapped, iced and elevated.

Does not look good for Saturday's match in Port Margot.

But on the bright side more schoolwork will likely get completed.  

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