Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mid-November already

Peach palm in rental garden planted last February
Cory put in many hours this week improving the Creole in the first Konsey book, the one focused on medical information. As of this morning he has reviewed 2/3 of the book.

The new Konsey Book for Children shipped to Florida and we hope to be able to start distributing them before Christmas.

A nice rain this week refreshed the trees and plants.

Anna is working hard on her school work and started practicing with the volleyball team again.

Eli saw his first snow/sleet in 5 years and wrote us 'I think I'm in trouble' and referred to himself as a 'tropical popsicle' .

Share-croppers weeding rice in the new garden
He also signed up for his next classes! Did not get all the ones he'd hoped but is on track to participate in Calvin's engineering summer class in Germany.

Glad a friend could visit him this weekend and for all the support from family and friends.

I worked on some items connected to my Haiti missionary team leader role, in preparation for our Haiti team meeting in a couple of weeks.

We continue to review our adoption books as we pray for our Thanksgiving miracle.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Praying daily! And laughed out loud at "tropical Popsicle", haha!