Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm back...sorry for the silence.

Thankful that work on Route National One did not close the road.
I apologize for the week without news.

The week filled up fast with travel, meetings, and celebrations.

Monday we left home early for our four-hour drive to catch the ferry to LaGonave.

The trip went well, and we were joined with another of our team's families on the ferry.

The most surreal moment of the week occurred on the ferry.

They played the Terminator movie loudly in French on the ferry and during a couple of very violent parts a group of Haitian church ladies sang just as loud, that 'we all need Jesus'.

Sometimes you just shake your head....and agree.

Monday night we visited with a few of our team mates and went to bed early.

Tuesday and Wednesday the adults of the team gathered for meetings.

We enjoyed eating together, along with the children.

Tuesday night the teenage gals and women joined for a baby shower for our newest missionary child, due to arrive in mid-February.

Wednesday night we enjoyed a large Thanksgiving supper, and then the missionary children provided the entertainment.

Thursday the four families who live on the mainland crossed the sea, along with one of the LaGonave families heading into Port-au-Prince for shopping and family time.

The trip from the LaGonave Wesleyan campus to our Fauche campus took seven hours.

We were tired but found our propane tank empty, so needed to clean up some of the refrigerator.

Thankfully only the milk spoiled.

Friday we worked on a few things and rested because Saturday we took a short trip to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our missionary friends in the North.

I plan to share more about the encouraging message we heard on our adoption blog.

Because of the bigger celebrations and because it just does not feel right to celebrate family Thanksgiving with three of us, we will be postponing it along with decorating for Christmas until we number more than three.

Saturday night I enjoyed reading a paper Eli's working on for his engineering class.

Thankful that I can still make some suggestions and help a bit!

Yesterday we worshiped and rested up for the week. We haven't planned many specific events this week but will focus on school and planting the new land.

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