Thursday, November 19, 2015

Big Wesleyan Garden: A Cory blog


This week, a 2nd garden was purchased, in the Northern Wesleyan District's name.

This 2 acre garden should be big enough for the rest of the peach palms [about 200 palms] plus jack fruit and egg fruit trees for seeds and market.
Clearing out the old path
The space will also become home to a few other trees: rambutan, avocado, mango, etc. Some banana multiplication can occur during the first years in the extra space between some of the trees.

Replanting parts of the fencerow will be a big job.

One side of the garden borders an old overgrown walkway.

It will be restored to divert the path that has gone through the middle of the garden for a few years.

The soil is clay so drainage is slow (2" rain last night) but there is a gentle slope and one side of the garden borders a small ravine with a seasonal stream.

We will work put in some channels to improve the drainage.

A share cropper is growing rice on the left side of the field with an odd corn plant here or there.

We met today and agreed he can still plant a patch of sweet potato.

We will be planting some trees among the rice plants soon.

We marked tree planting spots in some of the pasture.

Digging and planting should start next week after the completion of the "living fence".

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