Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall cleaning!

Almost 5 p.m. and I'm writing this while waiting for my potatoes for chowder to cook.

A very long, tiring but good day back in Fauche where the weather remains cool [for us being 84 is] and cloudy.

Very thankful for rains. No rain for three months meant no gardens or corn crops and very few bananas to eat either.

Accomplished today:

  • Water jugs washed, and water filtered.
  • Majority of the house from ceilings to floors deeply cleaned . Three months without rain and only screens over the windows leaves lots of places for dust to gather. Cory remarked he cleaned spots he didn't even do with our home study! With the recent rain, we should not need to deal with dust for a while. 
  • Gardens and plant nursery inspected, with the trees looking good considering the lack of rain.
  • We unpacked all the bags and put most of the items in their places.  I did most of the unpacking this afternoon, so there are a couple of boxes of items for Cory and Anna to put away. Nothing broke!
  • Truck washed and cleaned.
  • Unpacked items that went into storage when we left in June.
  • Creole lessons set up for our teammates who Cory will go to Cap Haitian tomorrow to pick up as they plan to fly from Port-au-Prince north. Wes, Susie, and Sarah arrived in Haiti last week and will be visiting for six weeks or so, for language study.
  • Chatted with Jean Pierre, a few other friends, and Mme. Danny [who spent the morning cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes and storage containers,  pasteurizing fresh milk,  as well as making Haitian Spaghetti for lunch]. 
  • Blog posted.
  • Potato corn chowder made.
It really feels like Saturday today, but as it's Friday we will have family night after supper. Cory will do some major shopping in Cap Haitian tomorrow as well as pick up our guests.

Anna and I will organize to get ready for class on Monday and prepare the guest house.

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