Monday, August 17, 2015


Sorry for the quiet gap.

I find it easier to keep track of the blog and updates during our school day in Haiti with more of a routine that does not include interacting with so many people in person.

Thank you to all who recently mentioned following the blog, and that you enjoy following our family's story and our ministry.

Last week, we worked with the Konsey children's book. Eli studied driving.

We worked at the old farm a bit, but the major task included working and mailing a new newsletter.

We put them in the mail Friday morning on our way to Iowa.

For those receiving our e-mail updates, the newsletter should have arrived today.

For folks who do not attend a supporting church and didn't connect with us this summer, but would like to receive a new prayer card, please contact us with your mailing address.

We enjoyed our trip to Iowa.

On Friday, we traveled to Cedar Springs. Saturday we backtracked a bit to visit the zoo in Davenport and a faithful prayer partner.

In the afternoon, we headed back to Cedar Springs for a bonfire/hayride.

We really enjoyed the casual setting and getting to know the Living Hope Wesleyan church family better.

We shared in Sunday school and then a few minutes during church. We also enjoyed reconnecting with Tom, Grace, and Gwendolyn from Brazil.

After over a long lunch with great fellowship, we headed back to Michigan. Eli completed his required night driving time.

Today friends from Canada dropped in for a short visit to talk about Haiti.

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Missus Wookie said...

I'm glad you are getting to connect with so many people plus managing fellowship and relaxation in there too.