Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 2 and 3 of International Orientation

Sunday afternoon finds Cory working on Eli's computer, Anna exploring the dorm activity room, and since I didn't recharge my Kindle I'm here.

Eli and the rest of the international folks should be enjoying the Lake Michigan beach.

Thankfully the rainy cool weather from yesterday gave way to a bit warmer weather but it remains cloudy.

Yesterday we enjoyed our first breakfast at Calvin. Anna joined another younger sister, from Africa.

Then the parents loaded up into a bus to visit the Fredrick Meijer Garden.

After a short time looking around the inside conservatories [arid, carnivorous plants, and rain forest] we loaded into a tram and enjoyed a 45 minute drive through the sculpture park.

We returned to Calvin for lunch and then returned to the bus for the big shopping trip to a local Meijer store.

Meijer sells many things including: food, clothes, hardware, school/office supplies, plants, household items, electronics....and more.

So picture 4 big buses with over 200 people stopping by your local store!!

 The staff stationed them selves by the areas that held the items on the list from Calvin.

Eli teamed up with a student from China and we tagged along. After completing their lists they checked out at one of the 5 check-out lanes designated for Calvin students.

Helpers wrote each student's name on their bags to help with sorting back at Calvin.

After a tasty Asian Dinner we enjoyed the night's entertainment which included the students being divided into 7 cultural groups and then each group acted out a skit.

Four elements needed to be included as they competed.....the China heritage group won.

Eli joined the group from Africa. Ghana students made up their own group so Eli joined the 'rest of Africa group'.

This morning after breakfast, students and family shared a meaningful time of worship.

After lunch everyone moved into their rooms for the year.

Until Eli's roommate arrives he will not be able to arrange his room so either later today or Wednesday.

Dividing up into the different dorms.
Tomorrow 1/3 of the Freshman class from America and Canada will join the international students for 3 days of orientation.

This will focus more on life at Calvin and academics.

Six events will still be specific for the international students.
Looking at the bed arrangement possibilities.

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