Monday, July 27, 2015

End of July.

Eli finished writing thank-you notes from his open house before turning his focus on packing for his week in Colorado at Interaction's transition seminar designed to help missionary kids transition to life in the USA.

We continued working on our support team and today will meet with Tim for our term debriefing talk.

We enjoyed connecting with Kentwood Community Church's Wyoming campus on Sunday.

In addition to greetings during church, a mission focus time with lunch and a longer time to share we enjoyed connecting with a Haitian pastor.

We feel very privileged this year to have celebrated both Taylor's 18th birthday in Haiti and now Lyric's. Eli will turn 18 during Calvin's freshman orientation.

We watched an example of fast American farming this week during the harvesting of the wheat around my folk's home.

In just a few hours the total job was done.

Cory, Anna, and I enjoyed some warmer weather picking blueberries this past week.

We're also celebrating the start of green beans!

Next week, we will pick Eli up at the airport, celebrate with Cory's mother's family and immediately join Kris' family for a family vacation week in Tennessee.

Please pray that Haiti's child social service director signs lots of referrals and exits [what we're waiting for] this week before heading out for a month of vacation in August.

No one else can sign these charts and many families will have to wait a month if she doesn't sign this week.

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