Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Celebration time.

The first few days of July we continued to sort through items in storage. Many textbooks from college and medical school will be recycled soon.

One of the biggest highlights of time in the USA that Anna always asks if we will be able to attend is the Van Keuren family reunion at the lake. Over 60 of us joined to celebrate Independence day, family, and our graduates and summer!

We also enjoyed some local fireworks both Friday and Saturday nights. 

With no supporting church lined up to visit on Sunday we took the opportunity to check out a Haitian church in Grand Rapids. If Eli gets homesick for Creole worship and songs he would be able to attend during his college years. 

We arrived early for Sunday school. We'd brought a set of the Konsey books as a gift for the pastor. the warm welcome included an invitation to introduce our selves and our ministry during the service. Right before the service the pastor mentioned he would like to purchase 20 of the Konsey books.

He talked about the books following our greetings and mentioned the Creole classes they hold at the church on Thursdays, and announced he would be gifting everyone in the church a book. We did not have enough books in the car and Monday returned to deliver the additional books-which ended up being close to 80.

Very friendly with many folks talking specifically to Eli and talking about Calvin and making connections to folks they know working or attending. They surprised us with an invitation for lunch-Haitian spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and ginger cake.

This week Anna's learning lots at volleyball camp at Calvin Monday-Thursday. I'd warned her that she would not be the tallest but she almost is other than the group of coaches who are members of Calvin's volleyball team, 2014 national winners.

The rest of us are doing some office type work, dental appointment, driving time, making additional appointments and planing for the July 18th open house. We are also getting ready for our weekend trip. On Friday we plan to head East to Midland, MI.

Having never visited that part of Michigan we will head over to see what we can see before sharing on Sunday morning at Wesley Chapel. 

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