Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Experience Team 2015. Day One.

Following breakfast the team headed out to the market and bakery with Cory.

Eli did some packing, Anna some math and I completed some office work while they were gone.

Once they returned I toured campus with them until nearly lunch time and we talked until the food was ready: bread, beef pot-pie, cookies.

After the hottest hours of the afternoon passed we divided into two groups and visited some of the local homes and prayed for the people.

Games followed.

Supper will be chicken gravy on Haitian bread and Haitian cake.

Devotions and more fellowship will follow supper.

Looking forward to tomorrow's garden tour and in the afternoon a Kid's Club event.

I misplaced some of the Kid's Konsey book papers with translation notes on them...looked everywhere I can think and gone through the packed paperwork at least 4 times.

Please pray that I can find the papers.

Hard to believe that we only have one more full day in Haiti before our flight Friday afternoon.

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