Sunday, February 12, 2012

Team's Second Sunday.

Today we stayed on campus, visiting the Fauche church and Kid's club.

A short walk down the hill, arriving at church just in time for the Sunday school reports. Cory walked down a bit earlier and roped off a couple of benches in the middle of the church so that we could sit together. Sitting around me most can hear bits and pieces, as I translate parts of the service.

The special music and praise time touched us as the people sing enthusiastically and from the heart. The sermon based on the second chapter of Joel and how we need to repent and lead others to the Lord because the Day of Eternity is not far away.

Lunch consisted of squash soup and strogonaff. With left over Key Line Pie, chocolate cake every one enjoyed. Rain fell most of the afternoon delaying our Kid's Club skit. When the rain let up John Pierre came up for the sound equipment and reported that a few of the children had been waiting since before the rain started a few hours earlier.

So we headed down to the church with the animal hats. About 70 children enjoyed our song and then they joined us in singing Father Abraham. We enjoyed some of the children's special music and a the presentation of the leaders.

Left overs for supper. Thankful for the Internet working despite the rain.

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