Saturday, February 4, 2012

Team's First Saturday.

While we seriously considered heading to the beach it rained off and on last night and we do not like the idea of swimming in the ocean right after heavy rains.

Today turned out cloudy and cool so hopefully we will have a better chance later in the week.
After a filling pancake breakfast Cory took part of the team for a tour of our local bakery and market.

Comments: No air condition. Rather odiferous. No fast food places. Local wandering livestock. Purchases included: coconut, tomatoes, black beans, local rice, bullock heart, and crackers.

Bakery: Smelled wonderful. Nice to talk to the owner in English. Enjoyed some Haitian bread for lunch as well as ginger muffins.

Eli and Anna managed to study a bit of French and do some Saturday morning cleaning while the visits occurred.

Eli also helped grandpa a bit while Anna swept out the guest house.

Lunch consisted of pizza-chicken, beef or ham combination.

We also enjoyed the bread and muffins from the bakery.

After lunch a very nice gentleman and his wife show the team a variety of Haitian souvenirs.

This way the team has a chance to help out a nice Christian man without the high pressure of trying to buy items while surrounded by a crowd of merchants all talking at once and competing for their attention.

 Sorry no picture today-he had some metal lizards, small paintings, bracelets and wooden items: bowls, boxes, cups, and small statues.

If someone reminds me after the team goes I will take some pictures of the various Haitian handicrafts we display around the house.

Today's accomplishment included two loads of laundry, one armoire varnished, more bench assemble, folding and stuffing envelopes for newsletter.

Some rehearsed a skit that they intend to to perform for Kid's Club.

White rice with bean sauce, fried sweet potato, coleslaw and banana bread is on the menu for supper.

Anna will be sharing devotions for the group.

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