Friday, February 10, 2012

Team Day 8

Day 8 Team in Haiti.

Still no Internet in the house so Cory called our provider.

 Looks like we will be waiting until a technician visits our part of Haiti. 

Hopefully we can borrow a wireless [like a flash-drive] and down load our E-mails later today.

 The men continued to make church benches and finished them. 

We scrapped more paint down by clinic and Eli but the second coat of paint on the drop ceiling of the vital sign room.  

School work, more newsletters folded and put into envelopes, two loads of laundry and cooking.
The delivery table also received a second coat of paint. 

The women and kid's spent the afternoon learning about Pompeii and the life of gladiators on  our most recent Netflix movie. 

We sign up for documentaries as part of our history learning. 

Made peanut pie and coconut custard.

Internet still did not work-I do not like to be isolated from the world. Much better to know that I can access it if I want and turn off the computer when I want than to not be able to use the internet.  

After washing the supper dishes at night one of the team shares a devotional and we talk. I enjoy this time of day!

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