Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 11th.

Saturdays generally mean a pancake start to our day and today was no exception. Sweet grapefruits and bananas also tasty.

More work on the delivery bed which is looking much better. Will see if the team in March can improve the second bed to a similar level. The men worked on the medical records cabinets and a table for Kid's Club until the saw decided to smoke and stop working. The Haitian electrician was due back to work on it this afternoon but we think that the rain showers delayed him.

Yet more scraping of paint. Because this is a hot, tedious and tiring job we only work at it a couple hours of the day. Before going down to scrape the women and kid's did some schoolwork and cleaning. All but Anna who work up today with a fever and headache. We discovered that we gave away all our normal thermometers and only have a couple of old digital ones. So I borrowed one of the nurses personal thermometers to confirm that the older ones still work. The old one does work so we know that Anna's highest temperature today topped out at 102.4. Unfortunately her stomach is also giving her trouble.  She spent most of the day sleeping and trying to drink.

At 11:30 the team practiced the skit for tomorrow. I did take a few pictures but still cannot located where the program ended up putting them on my computer. I know that the children will enjoy this skit because it made us laugh!

The rainy afternoon found folks talking, working a puzzle, playing games, napping or cooking a bit. We will be enjoying some beef stew, fried breadfruit and sweet potatoes, wacky cake and key lime pie for supper. Cory put the satellite receiver back together.

JohnPierre retrieved 2 cases of vanilla that we mistakenly left at the store in Cap Haitian today. The team will take some back for themselves and as gifts.

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