Friday, February 10, 2012

Monday. Feb. 6th

Report from Team's First Monday 

No, I have not been forgetting the blog! In fact I write it when the internet will not connect and then cut and paste it to the blog as soon as we can connect again. Sorry about the late posting but  as they say here "not my fault." Because you are reading this on the blog-I know that the internet connected. Thank you for those who prayed.

Monday. February 6th. "Today we began our projects with renewed force and determination.  The fellows had what looked like a bench factory..putting together 24 new school benches, treating them with bug juice [a liquid mix to help protect the wood from hungry termites] and then painting  the writing surface.   The benches moved down to the school by a group of high school boys and tomorrow will be in use. The bench delivery disturbed a group of children writing letters to their Compassion school sponsors.  A project completed.

The ladies started out with some team laundry and then varnished a cupboard for the nurses' call room.  Later in the morning, and the afternoon, we continued the scrapping of the walls in the hospital room we plan to paint.  Perhaps another day of scrapping and the walls will be ready to wash  and then painted. The only wall in the gazebo received a coat of green chalkboard paint as the children write on the cement. We figure that a couple coats of paint will make the wall easier to clean. 

A highlight of our day was a chat with the hospital administrator and member of the hospital committee.  Pastor Rigo shared some of the challenges and dreams that he has for the hospital.  We were all moved by His passion for the people here, the mission of the clinic and hospital, moved each of us. A good Monday.  

A few games played before and after supper of macaroni and cheese and left-overs. The coconut/brown sugar candy was enjoyed enthusiastically by most. Will try to start sharing an occasional recipe after my life slows down again. After devotions most of the team did not linger talking as they had most other nights but retired early.

Carol and Kris

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