Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb. 18th. Desk cleaning!

Team going out.
Desk cleaning really did not become the morning's goal until after we started our normal Saturday cleaning.

However this past week when Cory took the team to the airport he picked up some items that came by ship.

Among the items he bought and shipped some chemical mix that we hope will stop the termites from eating our nice table, boot-boxes, desks and other wood.

We find powder under the table daily.
Looking for damage. 

For Cory to inject the liquid mixture into the desks they needed to be empty. No small task.

Since the desks would be empty I decided that if we ever wanted to change the room around it would be a good time.

As a result, Anna's school desk now sits at the foot of her bed. I think that having both Eli and Anna able to work at their desks in separate rooms will be an improvement!

Anna found a small box worth of supplies that the Kid's Club children can use, along with several trash cans worth of trash.

WOW- One desk holds a lot!!
Both desks look much neater and organized.

The sunshine brings out the greens of the leaves as our afternoon breeze sweeps through the trees. Birds and roosters fill the air along with a few kids singing.

Saturday afternoon tends to be free time around our house. Tomorrow we look forward to church here at Fauche.

Enjoying family time: talks, memories, sharing Grandpa's Ipod, working and laughing together.
Kodiak likes boxes!

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Missus Wookie said...

Cleaning and sorting is always a good thing I find - hope the separate desks motivates and helps concentration.