Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb. 16th --First Day Post Team

Life starts to return to 'normal' following the departure of the main body of the 2012 His Hand's Team yesterday. This year we transition slowly because Mom and Dad remain with us for another two weeks. Two more loads of sheets and towels washed, dried and returned to the House of Hope. 
We continue to have cool weather with the sun only occasionally peeking out between the clouds. Anna enjoyed her clean, organized room surprise yesterday. She recently discovered that she enjoyed reading behind a large box holding the dental chairs. So we moved her dresser for a nicer, cosy reading space and the box behind her bedroom door. 

School schedule resumed although it will take us a few days to get totally back into the routine.

In less than a month will take a partial break from full school days as we host a combination team from Warsaw, Indiana and Battle Creek, Michigan.

Cory sent out E-mail copies of our latest newsletter today while the snail mail copies headed to the USA. He also put away the stuff can came by sea and is out spraying for bugs.

Dad worked on a bunk bed for the nurse's call room and made a stepping stool for the doctor's clinic room. Mom painted and varnished between helping with school.

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