Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Visitor Season.

After 24 hours of no internet, our prayers are answered because it works again. YAY! Nice to connect with the world and with our support team and family.

Visitor season starts--TODAY. Yes, while our first team should be here 1 week from today we welcomed Heidi today for a two-week visit. Heidi works with Pastor Dan and Joy Irvine and lives near the Wesleyan mainland boat dock. This visit will round out her trip to Haiti by letting her see a bit of the North.

Thankfully her suitcase just arrived at our door 4 hours after she arrived on campus. It traveled north in a different plane and John Pierre volunteered to wait at the airport. The plane came in very late and he reports many people became upset because of the long delay.

While the Ortlip Ministry Center sits between the sea and Route National One, the traffic makes one feel a bit like you are in a city-even though few people live on that narrow strip of land. The other missionaries on the Global Partner's team live in Port-au-Prince or the city of Anse-a-Galets. We live out in the country, quiet most of the time but with far more neighbors than the Ortlip Ministy Center.

Our location remains unique as well due to our yearly rainfall, cooler weather and lack of visitors. Eli and Anna did a great job on cleaning up the Dearest House for Heidi's visit. They will now start working with John Pierre to clean up the House of Hope for next week's team. Not many jobs for young people in our area but I'm very thankful that they agreed to take on this responsibilty. Now I do not need to worry about all the cleaning, they can earn a bit of money and learn how to handle financies. Win-win.

Thankful for sunny days to not only dry the curtains for the team but provide the solar power for the washing machine. Sheets and blankets getting washed in preparation for the team as well!

Now I know many folks debate the value of short term mission trips. We remain quite picky about who comes to see us. The biggest impact I think that our teams have goes back to the welcome that the very first team we hosted here received from the leadership. They greeted and welcomed the team saying that even if no projects were completed just their coming and interacting with the Haitian people was an encouragement to them. Reminding the Haitian church that the North American church had not forgotten them and continued to partner with them in prayer.

Keep those prayers coming!

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