Monday, April 9, 2018

Trip update

Sunrise as we near Port au Prince
The trip to Port au Prince went as expected for the most part. Early morning start on Monday to be at the doctor shortly after 7 a.m. Took a bit to find the place as many small roads are not on the map and many in the area are one-way.

A three hour wait due to a scheduling error. Then off to a busy photo studio...more waiting. Hurried across town to meet with a couple of men to talk about agriculture on LaGonave over some tasty cheeseburgers and fries. Only enough time to visit one hardware store before heading to the guest house for check in and supper.

Picking up tree seeds outside a fancy store.
Following breakfast on Tuesday we headed to the Embassy for the final visa interveiw. More waiting but once in, Cory said things did not take very long. I waitied in the truck. Then as we tried to connect with mission employees to help us get our Haitian residential visas, having turned them in for renewal the first part of November.  We visited a couple of gocercy stores, a tile store, 4 furniture..and returned to the first one to purchase a stove but it was out of stock so we picked up a refrigerator that was on sale instead.

Wednesday...packed up the truck and headed out after breakfast back to the doctor. Then grocery shopping, stopped to connect for a few minutes with teammates who had a few weeks of our mail before returning across the city to close to where we'd just been to pick up our residential Haitian visas. We met the LaGonave hospital administrator at Emmigration and he led us back to a very crowed small room. Thankfully our wait was short and we left with out permies in hand.

Being early afternoon we could not go and have our fingerprints taken by the Haitian government so we put that task off for another trip. Back up the mountain we headed.

Thursday and Friday we worked on the house...doors, varnishing along with school and office work.

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