Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Délice Project Report

Short review of 2017 - March 2018:
  • Jan. 17       Délice Station and Farm Development project approved
  • Late January  Shared on the blog our new ministry and location
  • Feb.            Anna's blog and fund appeal.
  • May            Plans for location of driveway and house
  • June 26       Crew started on road/drive and started to dig white gravel for mixing cement
  • July             Water cistern excavation
  • August        Water cistern built and excavation of house foundation
  • Sept. 11       Lower walls started
  • Sept. 26       Inside of water cistern sealed
  • Oct. 25        Cement floor poured over metal composite decking
  • Nov. 4-11    Wade welds house frame. 
  • Nov. 9          Lower level floor poured
  • Nov. 20       Haitian welder starts on roof frame
  • Dec. 8         Inside plastering around rocks started. Roof started
  • Dec. 19      Widow glass ordered
  • Dec 21       Outside plastering started
  • Dec. 30       Inside non-opening windows done
  • Jan. 15-18   Kitchen cupboards / island made, upstairs doors hung, 4 windows that open put in,          
    •               Stairwell covering made, NE gutter on house
  • Jan. 19-27   Painting or staining of kitchen cupboards, second gutter up.
  • Feb. 19      Starting on the interior walls.
  • March         Interior walls plastered and painted. Fence supplies purchased 

Some are wondering how all this work occurred, when the Délice Station and Farm Development  project fund still shows over $47,000 needed. We've been encouraged to share more about the funding, so here is the answer.

The appeal we made in 2017, to donate for Anna's 16th birthday, brought in many gifts and we received a few thousand more during March-April. From May to Oct only a bit over $1,000 dollars came into the fund.
Left = house   Middle = coffee plantation ruins   Right = fort
Lots of room for trees
Because we felt so strongly about the importance of this project and the timing [being able to house-sit for the neighbors during summer/fall, as well as being able to be in the house before the rains and 2018 planting season started this spring.....we asked and received three significant transfers of funds from our general support [covering more than 70% of the expense of the build so far].

Early December, before the third transfer request, I sent out an Email to some specific supporters asking them to pray for the funding and the continued building project as we were feeling a lot of pressure and stress.

In addition to the prayers, the donations that we received in December were larger than the previous 11 month total.

The "Délice" tab at the top of the blog tracks the funding in the project fund. This does not include the transfers from our general support. 

The last two big project costs on the house were having the interior walls put up, and even more important, getting part of the land fenced off.

Trees and landscaping needed...after the fence
Cory planted many trees and plants in the gardens around the neighbors house and the battle to keep the cows from eating or stepping on them has been long and frustrating, even with a few hired guys doing weeks of fence improvement around the 5 acres.

Due to the slowness of plant and tree growth from the cool mountain climate, avoiding setbacks will be important. The local fences made from sticks have proven inadequate against the cows and horses. 

So a strong fence is a must and imported wire "cattle fence" will probably be the most economical  fencing that is effective. We continue to look to the Lord to provide the funding.

The last transfer covered getting the interior walls put in and purchasing the fence materials.

Any more work will need to wait for additional funding. Examples: entryways, finishing floors, porch, landscaping, tiling the showers, drop ceilings in bedrooms to lower the noise of rain/hail.

The Lord provided a great team of 8 men from Canada in January to build the kitchen cabinets and help out in many other ways. We know the Lord will provide partners, both new and the faithful for the pioneer work at Délice.

We know that He will send the funding to rebuild our general fund to continue the farm development, the house, and our ministries.  Thank you for your interest, prayers, and support.

With the spiritual warfare we've already experienced during the build we are also in need of additional prayer partners for our family and the project. If you will commit to praying at least once a week would you please let us know. 

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