Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Easter & Great news...

Friday the Agape kids visited the house..looked at a different view. 
What a few days.....

Saturday we planned to work at the house but a heavy fog all day with some sprinkles kept us inside....time for school work, office work, reading, watching videos. Overall a good day.

Palm Sunday we rested, read, and shared worship time with the Agape house children.

Monday through Wednesday we basically did the same thing daily.

Listening to school work, The Grapes of Wrath, while painting
Headed to the house early...painted the interior walls [Kris and Anna] or worked on putting a thin layer of cement over the rough, bumpy, and dust producing floor.

Anna continues to work hard on finishing her senior year well. Her goal is be be finished before area retreat in early May.

On Wednesday morning we woke up to discover that somehow the internet bandwidth had been used up overnight.

Tongue and groove for a storage room.
This means that for 24 hours the internet will slow to almost nothing.

During our lunch break I was able to get a few emails in and to our great delight one informed us that Fritzlin's I600 visa application had been approved.

And thankfully by the afternoon the internet was back.

A second email included the next to fill out needed forms; set up the medical appointment; and what is needed for the Embassy interview.
Grey blue for 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. 

With great rejoicing we returned to finish painting the house walls.

So next week staff members, Fritzlin and we will travel early Monday for the medical appointment in Port-au-Prince; go to the Embassy for the final interview on Tuesday morning; and Wed. will return to the medical clinic to have his TB skin test read.

Someday a rock wall and mantel will be here. 
After the interview...there may be additional information needed to be researched or resolved before the visa can be issued or they may only need the final medical report.

Once all information is in place there will be a short 2-5 business day wait while the final paperwork is prepared.

'Pumpkin seed' color for Anna's room, hall, and small bathroom
Then Fritzlin would be able to travel with our family to the USA and he will become an American citizen when he enters the USA.

We plan to travel in early May to join other Global Partner missionaries in Florida for our area retreat.

This morning we awoke to no internet.

During the night a horse must of hit or rubbed agaist the sattelite dish, knocking the receiver down.

So Cory and I spent a couple of hours getting it back aligned.

Very thankful that we were able to get it working again so that we could work on the needed forms and paperwork for Fritz's visa.

Thank you for the prayers.

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