Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ortlip Center and home again..

So Monday we packed up and cleaned up a bit while Cory and Stephen talked to the crew about working on the access road and starting to dig sand to use to make the water cistern.
Start of the new road near the coffee plantation ruins

Then we headed down the mountain, reaching the Ortlip Center in the early afternoon.

We stayed at the Ortlip Center for Tuesday and Wednesday to help the staff host a large team working in a nearby town. We enjoyed some swiming and faster internet as well as interacting with the team.

On Thursday morning Larry and Marti Grimes crossed over on the boat from LaGonave to join us on our trip up to Fauche. We stopped for a bit of shopping in St. Marc, then for mangos and a bit of lunch along the way.

Friday: school work, unpacking, laundry, moving mahogany boards, catching up on emails and updates.

Thankful for Stephen who took pictures of the road work and sent them to us.

The access road to the house should be done by late July when we plan to head back up to Délice.

The district men's conference starts on July 5th.

Please continue to pray for the transition to Délice.

Pray for our adoption paperwork to move forward.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Just catching up on your blog and so excited to see all that the Lord is doing! Amazed at all the progress at Delice already. Praying for you all.