Friday, June 23, 2017

Second team

The dental team saw many interesting cases: extra teeth, adults who still had baby teeth, long skinny roots, twisty roots, crumbly teeth, infections, some pretty good teeth and one lady with a partial set of false teeth.

Dental clinic with a view!
While folks waited in the morning I spoke to them about some general health issues. I also consulted a dad with a 5 year old with sickle cell, a couple patients with wounds, a 2-year old with fever, and a pregnant mom with stomach aches. Cory helped with the education part or construction as I continued to translate and assist the dentist.

The team also presented the gospel message to those who came and the people who could read received some reading material and everyone received toothbrushes and toothpaste.

One day Cory, Stephen and some of the Haitian men went to our house site and finalized the location as well as where the access road will run. Another day Cory went with Leon to see the nearest village where he lives.

Anna enjoyed the company of the team which included 3 teens. She helped some with the future team housing construction as well as spending time cleaning dental instruments.

New Creole words learned:
   booyah = fog
   pok = numb
   pressyon = pressure

Team praying with those who decided to follow Jesus

Construction continues during clinic

Trip to Village:

 Riding part of the way on our quad it took less than an hour to get to the "village". Cory tried the mangos and they are sweet and tart, good flavor but have thin skin, are stringy and tend to get wormy. Some of the Florida mango varieties we have may be a big improvement. 

The corn was growing well, some taller than Cory, and bean harvest was starting. He saw a few coffee trees loaded with beans but there are only a few and not many types of fruit. Only mango and avocado are common.

Rocky stretch of road

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