Saturday, July 8, 2017

Men's Conference week.

White gravel at the new site that will be used in making the water cistern.

On Tuesday Cory brought our guests to the airport.

We enjoyed having Larry and Marti visit and showing them  more of Haiti and our ministry.

Visitors also give us reasons to sit around and fellowship over good food as we try to introduce them to as many fruits and new foods as we can!

Anna and I have tried to get back into school along with doing some packing.

Strange packing up our house when we don't have a house ready to move into yet.

But Very thankful to have a great place to stay near by and not a tent. Our plans are to head back to Délice the end of the month, after conferences.

No adoption update. Praying for forward movement soon.

Eli continues to do well with his summer internship/job.  Missed celebrating the 4th with him but thankful he has family around supporting him.

Délice had 1/2 to 3/4 inch hail this week that damaged the corn. Please continue to pray for the area, as well as those still trying to recover from last fall's hurricane in the south and flooding in the north.

Enjoying hearing the men [178 deligates this year] sing during their confernce. They've also blessed us with a gift of fresh beef and sharing food with us.

Next week the district leaders will meet on campus. We support by helping with water, electric, and sharing fruits.

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