Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dé and dental teams

Monday we headed back to Délice.

We were able to get our quad runner up to Délice.

Anna and I did a lot of laughing and bonding during our 16 mile trip up the mountain.

Tuesday a 'Vision' team came, so I helped with a bit of school while the gals' Dad went to pick up the team.

We are learning along with the team about the area, Together We Can current ministries, and the future dreams.

Cory did more planting with one of the local workers and hired another person to plant a big sack of sweet potato cuttings in a bean field that has wind-stunted beans.

Wednesday we joined the team with some pastoral teaching. Each pastor in addition to some training received a new Creole New Testament and a Konsey book.

[Thursday] This morning Anna joined the team to help build new team housing while Cory and I planted some trees.

This afternoon Cory and I walked with one of the local men, talking about and marking the access road to our house site. Hope to confirm tomorrow [this coming week] and start contracting a crew.

Anna continued to work on the house and enjoy being with the team.

Tomorrow is more of the same and this team will leave on Saturday.

We will stay with the girls while Stephen brings the team to the airport and picks up a Dental team coming for a week of clinics.

Due to internet is now Sunday and this hasn't been posted yet.

Friday we went with the team to the Agape Houses and saw the children. I returned with one of the team and we did heights, weights and a mini-exam on the children. Saw two cases of pink eye and a few colds.

In the afternoon we all helped with the team housing construction.

Saturday Anna, I and the girls cleaned the house for the team and Cory planted in the morning. In the afternoon Anna stayed with the girls while Cory and I walked and more clearly flagged the potential route of our new driveway and marked where the house will likely sit.

Last night a dental team arrived, so this morning we set up and saw about 10 patients. I assisted to help and learn more about teeth.

The internet cable was worked on so we pray it continues to work better.

Tomorrow will likely be a much busier day.

Last week we had a couple cold, rainy afternoons so please pray for good weather.

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