Friday, June 9, 2017

Délice May Tree/plant list.

Cory's focused on getting trees and plants established as fast as possible at Délice because the rainy season is now.

Because the Wesleyan land is not fenced in and is being grazed by the local people's cattle, he is focusing at this time on the neighbor's property.

This will provide seed and cuttings [propagation material] for our location as well as for nursery stock  when we are ready for them, hopefully within the next year.

List of plants and trees already planted on Together We Can property. Also checking samples of over 20 kinds of old garden seeds, 2014/2015 for germination. Some sprouted before we left.
    Plants brought to Délice and planted in May:
    apple seedlings
    abrico (mamey)
    avocado seedlings and ‘Donni’
    bamboo- running makinoi and 4 types of clumping bamboo
    banana: Apple, Ceylon/Mysore, FHIA-1,2?,3, 17?, 25, dwf. cavendish, cardaba, kru, raja puri, dwf. red, resistant poban, misi luki, kandarian.
    barbados cherry
    blackberry jam fruit
    black sapote
    canistel/eggfruit - jaun d’ouef
    chayote - militon
    Cory is  in the middle of this picture,  planting. 
    goji berry
    jaboticaba ‘red'
    jack fruit - fwi jak/jaka
    java plum or rumberry
    jelly palm
    lychee ‘Hak ip'
    malay apple - pom dlo/pom malazi
    mandarin - Jacmel? seedling
    mango: choc annon, lancetilla, florigon, malika, nam dok mai, rosalie
    miracle fruit
    peach palm
    pepino dulce
    sapodilla - sapoti
    spanish lime - kenip
    Uvalia (two types, like a sour guava that makes excellent juice)
    velvet apple - pom vlou
  • Incan root crops: ulluco, oca, yacon, mashua 

    Other forages or greens:
    edible hibiscus
    elephant grass
    forage peanut

various ornamentals


Ray Selden said...

While it doesn't surprise me ... that is an awesome list of plantings. Cory, you are amazing! Kristi and Anna ... you are too for all that y'all are doing in this move. We miss you all!

Missus Wookie said...

I've excitedly watched my asparagus (planted a couple of months ago) start to shoot. Nice to know we're growing some of the same things.

Mulberries are a favourite from my childhood.

Looking forward to hearing more about the preparations.