Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wood, school, shopping...

Still smiling about my wood salvage. Went back down late Saturday afternoon to talk to the woodmen only to see the widest log on a charcoal pile!

Nope...they thought as it wasn't the normal 6-8 foot in length that it would not work for boards.

Well I know we can find some use for shorter boards, and I want the curved outside pieces and the burrs and the small pieces too.

Monday was a bit rainy, Tuesday and this morning they cut up the lumber and Cory transported into the tool shed next to the carport area. Now it can dry and wait to be used.

During the rainy Monday we accomplished a fair bit of office work in addition to school.

Cory spent most of Tuesday with John Pierre in Cap Haitian shopping for items like food, truck battery and tires, paper, as well as picking up cargo from the airport.

On of the cargo pieces is a heavy duty backpack with lots of pockets for holding medical supplies up at Delice.

Tuesday my adult literacy class learned about headaches. Only a few with questions. Then a lady asked about acid reflux. A topic I've talked about time and time again...including just last week. So I asked the students who had heard me the week prior to hold up their hands and told the lady with the question to ask them!

Time for the students to start becoming teachers. I hope that they will continue once we move, with the help of the Konsey books and their new reading skills to share the helpful health information with others.

Anna continues to focus on school, and push her self. In the last couple of weeks she's completed three weeks worth of work. In May we have meetings and travel so taking advantage of the days at home.

The weather is turning warmer. The meeting with the young man with the goats finally happened with the district superintendent, Cory and him. An understanding was reached.

One of several burls from the mahogany log

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