Thursday, March 30, 2017

Improved from dreary

The day started out dreary with a light drizzel and although the weather had improved a bit the afternoon still felt dreary...I'd spent hours of the day reading about hand washing [I'm close to 100 pages with lots more to go, hoping that the index covers at least 35% of the article!]

While I'm glad to have figured out how to complete my continuing education requirement for the year this topic is not real interesting.

Anna worked hard on physics all afternoon only to get stuck on a problem that I cannot help her with and so was grumbling about not reaching her goals for the day.

[Thankfully chatting with Eli tonight via computer messaging lead to her learning more about her calculator and learning how to do the problem correctly. Yeah!!]

The goat meeting did not happen...the family members were no where to be found when the time of the meeting rolled around. None of the members of the district board live on or near campus.

While we did meet with the district board last night and were able to discuss some of the campus security issues and transition plans, it is far easier to list problems than to come up with viable, workable solutions with a small budget.

No news on our adoption paperwork.

So I decided I needed some fresh air and outdoor time before struggling though another section on hand washing. Pulling weeds fit my mood so I put on my grungy clothes, bug spray and grabbed my praise music. In just a few minutes my mood started to lift as I won the battle with handful after handful of weeds.

Interesting rough and the one on the bottom-smooth.
Probably a result of being used to suport electric lines. 
Then Cory came around the cornter of the house to tell me a bit about the meetings...and in mentioning that they were building a new classroom onto the school complex he remembered seeing yesterday that a mahogany tree had been cut down.

What!! I need mahogany. So off we went to see the tree and then to find John Pierre to ask about buying it. I want the whole thing. Please! Well he had decided to cut the tree cut down so no problem. YES!!!

Years ago they had cut down some of the non-native mahogany trees on campus..but before we returned from a trip they had used the wood to make forms for cement work. Sadly I was only able to save one small piece that my folks made into a hat rack.

I've been looking at different locations that sell boards and telling Cory he sould be buying some, and asked him for a larger log laying by the road on our last trip up to Dèlice for a Mother's Day present.

Win, win, win.

  1. I did not murder a tree because I wanted some pretty mahogany for the new house.
  2. In addition to being a pretty red color mahogany is a hardwood, with straight fine even grain that darkens with time. A reddish sheen when polished and is very durable, resistent to wood rot, most insect damage and mold. 
  3. The campus and the wood cutters will benifit from our paying for the wood and work to cut it up. 
  4. The wood will not end up as charcoal.
  5. Our house in Dèlice will have a bit of Fauche campus in it. And a bit of missionary history as we know who planted the parent trees on campus back around the 70's. 
  6. Because the wood is not yet cut up we can decide the width of boards we want as well as keeping a larger piece potentally for a fireplace mantel.
  7. The reason the tree was taken down was that several burl growths caused worry about the strength of the tree. We're thinking that these may make some interesting wood pieces.
  8. Cory has my mother's day gift taken care of now.
  9. Because we learned of the wood before it was all cut up into short pieces-I didn't get upset with JP or Cory. 
  10. My mood is much improved! 

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

I love this!! And can take a lesson from being proactive to improve one's mood...thanks for sharing! :)