Thursday, April 13, 2017

Planting with League of Pastors, by Cory

Last week I visited the gardens across the river and trimmed the mangos grafted in late February. Looks like all but two of the 8 or so grafts took. Most of the trees are too small to climb but big enough to need a stepladder. 

Some of these are new hybrids so I hope grafting on larger trees will encourage quicker production of first fruit.

April Fruits: sapodilla, black sapote, miracle fruit, cupuasu, jackfruit

A couple weeks ago one of the Wesleyan pastors brought 5 other pastors of various denominations from the Port Margot area League of Pastors for a tour of the campus. They had a good time sampling several types of fruits and seeing the size of 8-10 year old trees

Wednesday Gener, Yvon, Djordy and I met with several of the pastors. We checked the gardens they wanted to plant fruit trees in to see which varieties would do well. We also brought a few dozen trees to plant that they purchased but we provided delivery and planting. Most of the gardens are near the sea with very good soil. Two of the larger fields are scheduled for next week with orders that depleat my supply of about 100 Malay apples (the tree they saw on campus is loaded with growing fruit and one was barely ripe enough to sample). Most of the other kinds of fruits in the nursery are also getting low in supplly or selling before they are a good size. Some are being held to bring to Delice.

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