Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Post-Easter Week

Anna and I focused on double-time school the last week with the goal of finishing up the year before team retreat in mid-May. I finished my own Continuing Medical Education Requirements for the year.

We also cleaned and worked to get campus looking nice as we planned to have visitors for the weekend. Living in an out-of-the-way location means that one rarely has folks stop in 'just' for a visit, especialy for a weekend!

Not only did we have teammates visiting for this weekend and to celebrate Easter with us, next Friday night we will again have teammates visiting campus along with two Wesleyan pastors on a ministry vision trip.

We attended the annual 'Seven Sayings of the Cross' service at church Friday morning. Seven different people spoke on the different sayings of Christ from the cross with singing in between.

Our teammates from LaGonave planned to arrive in time for lunch-but sadly when they arrived at the boat docks the only two small, fast 'fly-boats' were already full. So no visitors this weekend.
Cowman International School

Cleaning is done, even all our deep spring cleaning. The guest house is more then 1/2 way prepared for next weeks visitors.

We had prepped and preared food for the weekend early so not much cooking either.

So we enjoyed some free time over the holiday weekened, and colored eggs.  We headed out shortly after 5 a.m. on  Easter to Sonrise service held annually at Cowman International school followed by breakfast.

We enjoyed visiting with friends and making a few new ones. The gal who sat ahead of us also plans to move to Delice this year so maybe we will celebrate on the mountain next year.

Enjoyed Skyping a bit with Eli and my folks this weekend as well. Hard to believe that he has only a month left of his second year of college!

Over 5 inches in the last couple of nights, and weather remains cool.

Yesterday Cory and I visited and prayed with Mme. Fanny, just home from 10 days in the hospital. Praying also for Mme. Rosemary as she has a case of pink-eye.

Today Anna and I will do Stanford achievement testing while Cory works in and around the house so he can answer the door and questions.

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