Saturday, January 7, 2017

Travels & home again..

Thursday afternoon found us out in the snow and cold, heading to the airport. Very thankful that we could check our six big bags all the way to Cap Haitian!

Thursday night we flew to Charlotte. Watched a movie on the computer. Moved to the baggage area at midnight with all the other folks overnighting and napped a bit until 4 a.m. when you can check back in and wait.

Flights all went smoothly other than circling Miami for 20 minutes waiting for the fog to lift. Originally the pilot told us that we might circle for 40 minutes so thankful the time was shorter and Anna slept through it all.

We were the last folks to clear customs in Haiti...6 big bags get you noticed and so Cory had to go into the side room to pay. But soon we were on our way home. The roads have not improved since the heavy rains but no delays.

Cory checked out a few things last night. We saw the new baby goat and took pictures to send to F so he can help pick out a name for her. Kody, our cat forgave us and is friendly again. We checked the mail and emails, ate supper and were in bed shortly after 7 p.m. Slept well despite the drums near campus.

We were up shortly after 6 but Anna managed to sleep 13 hours. She helped me unpack and organize while Cory headed to market to purchase food. Also working on cleaning up emails and next weeks to-do list.

The house has a new front door lock replacing the one that broke. The jujube tree lost a branch due to the weight of the developing fruits.  Anna harvested the branch so we will enjoy some jujube crisp soon.

Our water cistern received a thorough cleaning just before we arrived. A snake got in through a vent pipe so that will get a screen.  The others were screened but we missed a small air vent above the cistern.

 Three cupuasu fruits filled our kitchen with a wonderful smell. One is now made into jelly, a small one was spoiled and the third will probably be given away. When we share the jelly the plants in the nursery will probably find new homes quickly.

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