Monday, January 9, 2017


Sometimes in life one sees big changes coming for a long way off: graduations, weddings [maybe], having children, and other times the Lord throws you a big change without warning: earthquakes, health issues, job changes.

I'm sure some of your were surprised to learn that we would be moving in the future, well it surprised us as well.

Seven weeks ago we went up the mountain with two of our team mates and Anna to visit Délice for a second time in three days. Within a couple weeks we were approved for the move and a budget for phase one [building a house and getting a 4 wheeler] submitted, then we headed to Michigan for some vacation and family time.

Interesting how one's perspective totally changes at a pivotal life point. Plans, dreams, perspective all changed in a few minutes time. Even every day tasks like shopping take on a new twist with questions like- Will we need this in the new place? Better to buy now and move it or wait and bring it directly to the new house? Wonder what X is like there?

So with Délice now in our lives you will be hearing about it as we look to transition and move. Right now we're waiting for approval for the project funding. We hope to visit again in the next month or so with someone who knows where the property lines fall to see if there is a good location for our house on the land already owned by the Wesleyan church. Praying for someone qualified and skilled to want to build a house for us. 

Our last big family pivotal moment was then the Lord asked us to adopt. The only thing we knew was the call. This pivotal moment is also accompanied with many questions and details to figure out. But we know we are called and the location. 

So you, like many others, are likely asking  "Where is Délice?" It is closer to Port-au-Prince than Cap Haitian. If you put a ruler running from Fauche/Port Margot to Port au Prince, Délice almost right on the line, 2/3 of the way to Port au Prince.

For those who know Haiti, take Route National One northwest from Port to Cabaret, turn north toward the Mathew Mountains. On one map there are two 'Terrible Mountains' listed, near Fort Drouet/Douwet.   Visit here and tap on Montagne Terrible to get closer. You'll see a smaller road that heads up and to the left of the page. If you follow the road you can see a house and some building of our neighbors and then the fort and plantation ruins. Our place will likely be past the ruins, near the even smaller path. 

Part of the Wesleyan land is in the shadow of some French coffee plantation ruins that lay below the fort. This will be able to be planted but not built on due to rules about historical sites. So we hope to find a place close but not within sight of the fort for our house. 

Fort Drouet
2009, had been recently cleaned, before earthquake did some more damage and stopped the road construction just past the fort (the senator in charge of the road was killed in Port au Prince during the earthquake.

 Transition plan for Fauche
 Funding project approval and funding
Location for house
The right person/people to build the house
House plans

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