Monday, January 2, 2017


Seeing Eli's room and meeting his roommate.

Hearing Christmas carols and seeing the beautiful lights and trees.

Remembering and sharing with my kids the stories behind the decorations and ornaments-some from 2-3 generations past.

Traditional foods that we rarely share with family.

Family for Christmas celebrations.

Family to ring in the New Year-some who prayed for me before my birth.

But the best moments for me:
 Normal times of laughing during meals and just simply hanging out together.

 Getting to hug Eli and my folks.

On the first Sunday of 2017, worshipping in my heart the same row with my folks, Cory, Eli and Anna. Not thinking of what we need to share but just being part of the body of Christ. Praising the Lord and being very grateful for the generations of believers in our families who preceded us.

[Its been at least 16 years since we had so many Sunday services in English, without visiting supporting churches and speaking in the services.]

The only tinge of sadness occurs when thoughts of F creep into my mind...the missing one. I pray that he can not only come home soon but he will get to worship with his grandparents and other family members one day. Then my heart will overflow.

Enjoying our last days with Eli and family before returning to our Haitian family later this week. Thankful for the time together to make memories and rest. Looking forward to 2017 and the hope that comes from our Lord and Savior.

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