Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 in Review

Thank you for the prayers.
Year 2016
January: Said good-bye to Kris's folks and Eli after a short visit. Deep River Mission visit.
February: Zika
March: Luthern Medical team. Interim President takes office. Finger print renewal-adoption. 4 church visits.
April: OMS visit with trees/plants. Clinic chats started.
May: School years done-Eli and Anna. Daybreak flip house sold.
              Amplifying Mission Summit in New York
June: Eli visit.
July: Eli to Germany. Anna starts school. Summer district conferences: men, women, youth, district.
August: 9 years at Fauche
September: 18 years in Haiti. Eli starts fall term. Weekly health talk hour for Adult Literacy classes.
October: Hurricane Matthew. Two trips to Southern Haiti for hurricane relief.
November: Historic flooding in northern Haiti. Trip to LaGonave and Délice. New ministry direction.
December: Plans for Délice. Travel to USA. Vacation time with family, making memories.

As we start 2017 we ask for your continued prayers.

  • Adoption: Completion of the additional paperwork for exiting IBESR.
  • School: Eli and Anna to finish up sophomore years well.
  • Délice: Clarification of plans. Raising funds. Praying for someone to build the house.
    • Planning of locations for trees and plants. Starting planting
  • Fauche: Transitional planning. Training of folks to continue in our current roles. 
  • Impact: to have positive impact in each area.
  • Konsey: Reprinting of books. Continued distribution. 

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