Monday, January 16, 2017

First week back home in 2017.

The week started out cool and rainy. The last couple of days the weather alternated between rain sprinkles and brief sunshine. Saturday afternoon we returned to cool, cloudy with occasional sputters of light rain-continuing into Monday morning.

Due to the rain the local school didn't start last week but sounds like classes today.  Cory did not get across the river to see the far gardens.

He did make some cuptuasu jelly!

We worked to repair the goat house, as the wires rusted and no longer held it together.

Mom and baby watched with interest.

The cool rainy weather has not been good for the local goats as we hear that one hospital employee lost 4 of his in recent days.

No adoption news or updates on the Délice phase one funding proposal. Getting hard to wait.

We did Skype with our member care folks on Thursday and appreciate their care and prayers.

Most of the items we returned with have found their places, while other items moved during cleaning and organization. Being stuck in the house due to rain provides time for office work as well as cleaning and organization.

The cleaning is always needed after we've been gone for a few weeks or more, especially when it's been raining. Kris's folks will be coming next month, one week after we return from a medical team with the Lutherans, so it's good to get a head start on the cleaning.

Thursday stirred up many memories and feelings being the 7th anniversary of Haiti's big earthquake.

More emotions Saturday with it being the third anniversary of our adoption chart being accepted into IBESR, Haiti's children's social service office. How we pray to exit soon or just hear some news on what is happening with the case.

No real news since we heard of yet another report being requested on Dec. 2nd. Please continue to pray that our family can wait well, praising and trusting the Lord even with the deafening silence of no news surrounding us and reminding us that F is not yet home. More thoughts and prayer requests on our adoption blog.

Saturday, we cleaned and organized the kitchen cupboards. One gets used to using storage containers to protect foods and spices from bugs and moisture [each contains an open container holding calcium chloride desiccant].

Anna also cut Cory's hair. I enjoyed chatting on instant message with Eli. We experimented making 'pulled pork' barbecue from unripe Champedak (similar to jack fruit) while Anna experiments with using jujubes in apple crisp recipes.

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