Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Freedom for Port Margot

Last week our new district superintendent asked if we would like to speak for 15 minutes during one night at this week's meetings in Port Margot.

Sure, I'll take an opportunity to speak a few minutes on good health and Cory could talk about the Konsey books.

The theme of the meetings is Liberation for Port Margot. Things continue to get worse as folks take justice into their own hands.

You'll remember a few years ago that the local police station was burnt down during a round of political protests and violence. Well, the town and area remain without any police.

More and more people are taking matters into their own hands and just last week another person was killed after being doused with gas and lit on fire.

There are three main reasons you could be killed in this manner: politics, revenge, or being labeled/ caught as a thief.

With tensions escalating, the people asked the churches to get involved. So every afternoon and night this week meetings will be held.

 Last night the service was delayed due to generator problems. Those opposed to the meetings had predicted problems as the patron demon of the area would move to prevent the calls of repentance and worshiping the Lord.

The generator radiator was damaged during a fall while unloading and couldn't be repaired in time. A second generator didn't work, and a third stalled a few times but finally worked well, resulting in the service starting nearly an hour late.

Rain threatened with dark clouds and a few flashes of lightning, but the pastor's claimed in faith that the Lord would not let the rains prevent the night's meeting...and they did not, only a few light sprinkles fell.

The singing was loud, fast, and powerful. The pastor spoke for us to appeal to the Lord to break the chains of bondage of the area and her people and to seek the face of God. Satan has caused too much division and bloodshed.

They showed various voodoo object that people had in their homes for protection..and called on the true protection of our Lord, God.

The preacher stressed that various works can't save, only faith in Jesus. After death there is no more chance for a decision to be saved and go to Heaven instead of Hell.

They had permission from the city authorities and police to meet in the town square from 6-9 p.m. and despite the late start the service finished by 9:30.

Meetings will continue this week with Saturday night authorized to last until 10 p.m. Please join us in prayer.

Remember my list of voodoo leaders covers this same area and consists of 43 known names.

Our God will be victorious but for now the battle rages on.

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