Friday, August 5, 2016

Another conference week?!

On Monday many of us on campus learned of a teaching conference scheduled to occur on campus this week!

One never quite knows what a day or week holds in store.

Over 200 teachers from our area and northern Haiti came to campus to sharpen their French language skills.

Cooks and other's scrambled to make sure that there was water, food, electric and other items needed for the training.

Cory planted seeds of three new varieties of Jackfruit this week.

Cory's guys worked in one of the rental gardens, got loads of dirt for the nursery, and worked on weeding.

Tuesday I worked to transplant some Aloe barbadensis baby plants into pots so they can grow better.

The gel works the same as Aloe vera to treat skin conditions as well as joint pain. It grows slower but blooms more and a the gel is not bitter.

Problem finally narrowed down to 6 feet of wire...
Cory spent some of the last two afternoons discussing different trees and plants in the nursery with teachers interested in purchasing them as well as a few just interested in pestering for handouts.

Cory's personality does better than mine with aggressive askers!

Cory started the morning at 6:30 by chasing (following) a cow off campus. He was told by the employee helping him that they couldn't do anything else legally after it ran off the campus, it looks like the one owned by the same homeless villain that wanders the region letting his cows eat gardens) Later he worked to hunt down the reason that the bigger guest house did not enjoy electricity last night [did help our batteries make it through the night].

After much looking he finally found the break in the wire just before it goes into the guest house.  Electric goes from the guest house to the school where 3 of the 4 teacher training classes are being held and using some video projectors.

Anna is working on school and playing volleyball in the afternoons.

Two days this week folks didn't have any health questions and weren't interested in chatting so I read some of my medical journals to finish up my required medical education hours for 2016.

Cory's smile comes from nearing the end of his electrical job, not because he enjoys playing electrician!

This weekend Eli's class travels to Heidelberg, Koblenz, and Köln. Please pray as Wednesday afternoon they will take their Germany final.

Another prayer request is for Eli as he makes plans for his last week in Germany 'free time' to travel and site-see.

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