Saturday, July 30, 2016

District Conference week

Cory visited the gardens across the river on Monday and found the drought stressed trees recovering well and most things growing fast.

I found the same thing with the weeds in the nursery pots this week and the mosquitoes have been bad in the afternoons.

Velvet apple, a persimmon relative, fruited for the first time. Very pretty, with odd aroma, not sweet or sour, flavor something like avocado but not very good.

Anna's working on school with a bit of time for volleyball in the late afternoons with a bit of school work after supper.

Since the small house that also serves as the library has been occupied the last couple weeks-the library didn't open. Next week Anna will put the books back in order and open up again.

We checked some of the pastor's blood pressures the last couple of days and gave an aloe leaf for an older pastor with back pain.

With only 50-60 leaders on campus it is much quieter than last week's 600+ visitors. 

We've shared the last of the malay apples, some star fruit, and then egg fruit juice with the pastors as well as a few hands of bananas.

Planning to offer aloe plants to those who want one for propagation, so that each church can have a source of new plants to share.

Cory demonstrated and answered questions about grafting trees after some of the pastor's requested a lesson.

The conference folks plan to have a few meetings today but also some fun time, heading to the beach and planning to enjoy a movie.

Tomorrow morning will be the worship service as they close out the conference. 

I've enjoyed the folks waiting for clinic this week as they listen attentively and ask interesting questions. Thursday was a small crowd but they pushed for some aloe plants so we shared with them.
I also enjoyed chatting with a 2 1/2 month old baby-telling him all about the benefits of breast feeding and dangers of bottles. 


marcia said...

Love that you are chatting with babies about great feeding:-) and their mothers are hearing every word!

Missus Wookie said...

Pastors should know all about grafting and growing - seems right some how.