Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Amplifying Missions Summit.

51 degrees this morning and I'm layered up for the spring weather in Houghton, New York.

Our trip from Haiti went smoothly as we completed all three flights in less than 12 hours.

Monday morning we returned to the airport to pick up our college sophomore! Eli will be returning with us to Haiti on Monday to spend a month of summer vacation at home. Then he will return to Calvin to join 40+ of his engineering classmates to travel to Germany for a 7 week course of German II and an Engineering class. 

We do not see much of Eli or Anna other than a few minutes at the start and end of the day as they enjoy hanging out with the other Global Partner's teenagers. 

I think I talked more yesterday than I have since our last missionary retreat. A wonderful chance to meet with friends we've known for years, some we've only known on-line/e-mails, and new ones. Also since Houghton Wesleyan Church and others in Western New York support us we've connected with a few prayer partners as well.

Great singing, worship, prayer, and fellowship. Cory attended a workshop on prayer while I went to one on compassion fatigue...very interesting and helpful. We will compare notes at home. 

Spent the afternoon chatting mostly with a dear friend who lives in a closed country, while we watched the kids wear themselves out with games on the lawn. This afternoon many of us will get to enjoy lunch and the afternoon at Letchworth State Park following a morning of worship, and area meetings. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

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