Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mother's Day travels...

Still and quiet on camps as the sun beams start to climb over the mountain.

Happy Haitian Mother's day.

Praise the Lord! Mme. Fanny visited us this weekend. Although not on any chemo for her cancer her labs and physical health has improved.

Please pray for Haiti as election results of reviewed votes are being given this weekend...and not everyone will be happy and some have or will protest with violence.

A strange type of day full of mixed emotions--

  • Travel to the USA !! but not to Michigan.
  • See Eli...but not rest of family.
  • See missionary friends, GP friends, new friends...but not many of our USA friends.
  • Celebrate Mother's day...while our moms are together for lunch and neither of our boys are home.
  • Sunday worship of our Lord....but due to the travel to airport, no formal church.
  • Memorial Day weekend spent in two countries with important, messy, violent, scary presidential elections and talking about freedoms, basic needs, rights...
  • Travel- ranging from really bad, rain-damaged dirt roads, to good pavement, to flights.
  • Normal school and routine a week of worship, workshops, and wonderful fellowship.
  •  Hot, steamy tropical rains and heat index over 100 to cold and dry air-conditioning, but.... hot showers!
  • Our teens have looked forward to hanging out with other missionary kids for over a year....but already thinking about the good-byes.
  • Hurry up and wait travel day....but get to wait in Cap Haitian with friends who will be on the same flight to FL. 
  • Limited internet band width to unlimited. 
  • Bringing Eli back for a visit before he goes to Germany for 7 weeks of study in July/August...not knowing if he will get time with F.

Thankful that in this world of change and unknowns that we can know God. God is good. We can put our confidence in God because He's trustworthy and Loves us! Thankful while our phones don't work in the USA and at times like thunderstorms we need to turn off all electronics that we can speak and connect with the Lord at any time, any where, about anything.  He is faithful and deserving of all our gratitude, praise, glory, and honor.

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