Thursday, June 2, 2016

Not enough time...

Sorry that the blogs this week are a bit rushed and limited on details.
Field trip to nearby Letchworth State Park

Days remain packed full of interesting and powerful encounters and stories. Not all positive ......

Being with 300+ interesting people who communicate well and being in a time-orientated culture means that one feels rushed most of the time. 

I don't know that we'll get to even greet and have a few minutes with everyone...old friends, new friends, and folks I want to make friends.

I think I've used and heard more words in the past few days than in the same time period since the last retreat! 

Yesterday we were able to enjoy a bit of spring. For the first time in 19 years I inhaled the sweet smell of blooming lilacs.

Also sat on the soft green grass with no fear of painful ant bites or other prickly insects or plants.

Makes the brain tired...but to withdraw and find quiet time means that a story or connection would be missed.

I plan to return to the Summit events and fill you in as I process, hear the stories from the rest of the family and have the time to share in the weeks to come.

Last night we also were able to connect with some of the missionaries we've met over the years who live in the area as they joined the GP tribe for supper and worship. Great to see and connect with them and hear that they pray for us.

Thanks for your prayers. The Lord is being honored and praised. 

He is working to strengthen us and equip us to return to the many areas of the world where the battle between His light and darkness continues to rage.

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