Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saturday and Sunday

We filled Saturday morning and afternoon seeing patients at the clinic. The normal clinic staff did not come because of the weekend so Anna helped to get the basic lab results, when not translating in clinic.

On Friday the people with the last 39 numbers were asked to leave at noon as too many had been signed up for the day. Unfortunately, too many numbers were again given on Saturday so some people were not seen, but all children, elderly and handicapped were.

Cory helped by giving advice to patients about nutrition, acid reflux, supportive treatment for upper respiratory infections, basic hygine, reducing stress. When not doing this he also helped in the pharmacy.

After clinic and cleaning up we all headed to Pastor Bernard's house for supper. We enjoyed a delicious meal but didn't visit much as everyone was tired.

After a good night sleep, and a great breakfast we headed out for church. We dropped off part of the team early for the Lutheran service and then we headed to one of the local Wesleyan churches where we had not visited in a few years.  With no sign on the main road, and being in a crowded, unplanned neighborhood, we asked a nice man to help us locate the church and he led us the last few blocks.
Jackfruit at garden site

Petit Anse Wesleyan Church
A great service at the Petit Anse church with an enthusiastic women's singing group and a wonderful children's choir. We were thanked for the Konsey books that were given to each family in the church

Back to the Lutherans in time to be introduced with the rest of the team at the end of service. Then we prepared supplies for this weeks clinics. Lunch. Rest time and then prepared more bags of medications and supplies.

Will be going to bed early as we need to be on the road at 6:30 a.m. as we will travel to our furthest location to St. Raphael. Will try to see 75 patients. Cory continues to give or sell some of the Konsey books at each location as well.

The last few people that waited a long time were also given a book.

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